Frédéric Caupin

Professor at Lyon University
Liquids and interfaces group
at the Institute of Light and Matter
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Campus LyonTech- La Doua
Bâtiment Brillouin, 6 rue Ada Byron
69622 Villeurbanne CEDEX, France
E-mail : frederic.caupin (add AT)
Office : 406
Phone : +33 4 72 44 85 65
Fax : +33 4 72 43 26 48

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Opportunity for internship/PhD
Heavy water at negative pressure as a new route to explain water anomalies
Cavitation in homologous liquids: experimental and theoretical study
Effect of pressure on chemical reactions in atmospheric aerosol
Mieux comprendre l'eau en simulant un message réactif

Viscosity of water and aqueous solutions under extreme conditions
Limits of metastability and nucleation of crystals in supersaturated salt solutions

Is there a liquid-liquid transition in ideal aqueous solutions? Raman and x-ray study


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Water inclusion in quartz :

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