Dr Marie Le Merrer



I am a CNRS Research scientist at Institut Lumière Matière (Light and Matter Institute) at University of Lyon 1. I work in the Liquids and interfaces group.

Research interests

I am a soft matter physicist. My work aims at characterizing and understanding the mechanical behavior of complex fluids like foams or polymer gels and its link with the dynamics at play at microscopic scales. For foams, this implies to understand the coupling between surfactants and hydrodynamics which arise in soap films or bubble rearrangements. Another field of interest is the influence of surfaces ---either fluid or solid--- on complex fluid dynamics and rheology.


Institut Lumière Matière
Campus de la Doua
Brillouin building, room 11-006a
6 rue Ada Byron
Villeurbanne, France
marie.le-merrer [at] univ-lyon1.fr
Phone +33 4 72 44 85 70
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  • Monitoring Gypsum Plaster Setting in a Foam through Raman Spectroscopy
    Physical Review Applied 18, 034078 (2022)
    J. Trosseille, G. Panczer, C. Martinet, M. Le Merrer
    Link| PDF | HAL

  • Interfacial Characterization of Ruthenium-Based Amphiphilic Photosensitizers
    Langmuir 38, 9697-9707 (2022)
    Y. Timounay, A. Pannwitz, D. M. Klein, A.-L. Biance, M. E. Hoefnagel, I. Sen, A. Cagna, M. Le Merrer, S. Bonnet
    Link| HAL

  • Generation and stability of cement soap films
    Soft Matter 17, 2429-2438 (2021)
    D. Ahmed Abdourahman, A. Geniere, M. Auriol, F. Dalas, A.-L. Biance, M. Le Merrer
    Link| PDF | HAL

  • Interparticle attraction controls flow heterogeneity in calcite gels
    Soft Matter 16, 9217-9229 (2020)
    T. Liberto, M. Le Merrer, S. Manneville , C. Barentin
    Link| PDF | HAL

  • Simple ions control the elasticity of calcite gels via interparticle forces
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 553, 280-288 (2019)
    T. Liberto, C. Barentin, J. Colombani, A. Costa, D. Gardini, M. Bellotto, M. Le Merrer
    Link | PDF | HAL

  • Wall slip regimes in jammed suspensions of soft microgels
    Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 033301 (2019)
    J. Péméja, B. Géraud, C. Barentin, M. Le Merrer
    Link | PDF | HAL

  • Level-set simulations of a 2D topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly: effects of surfactant properties
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 838, 222-247 (2018)
    A. Titta, M. Le Merrer, F. Detcheverry, F., P.D.M. Spelt, A.-L. Biance
    Link | PDF | HAL

  • Comment on "Repulsion between calcite crystals and grain detachment during water-rock interaction" by Levenson and Emmanuel, 2017
    Geochemical Perspectives Letters 6, 1-2 (2017)
    M. Le Merrer, J. Colombani
    Link | HAL

  • Elasticity and yielding of a calcite paste: scaling laws in a dense colloidal suspension
    Soft Matter 13, 2014-2023 (2017)
    T. Liberto, M. Le Merrer, C. Barentin, M. Bellotto, J. Colombani
    Link | PDF | HAL

  • Bubbles slipping along a crenelated wall
    EPL 115, 64005 (2016)
    D. Germain, M. Le Merrer
    Link | PDF

  • Yield stress and elasticity influence on surface tension measurements
    Soft Matter 11, 5111 (2015)
    L. Jørgensen, M. Le Merrer, H. Delanoë-Ayari, C. Barentin
    Link | PDF

  • Holes and cracks in rigid foam films
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 774 (2015)
    P. C. Petit, M. Le Merrer, A.-L. Biance
    Link | Preprint
    Selected for a Focus on fluids by J. Bico.

  • Linear and non-linear wall friction of wet foams
    Soft Matter 11, 368-381 (2015)
    M. Le Merrer, R. Lespiat, R. Höhler, S. Cohen-Addad
    Link | PDF

  • Laser-speckle-visibility acoustic spectroscopy in soft turbid media
    Phys. Rev. E 89, 012308 (2014)
    F. Wintzenrieth, S. Cohen-Addad, M. Le Merrer, R. Höhler
    Link | PDF

  • Duration of bubble rearrangements in a coarsening foam probed by time-resolved diffusing-wave spectroscopy: Impact of interfacial rigidity
    Phys. Rev. E 88, 022303 (2013)
    M. Le Merrer, S. Cohen-Addad, R. Höhler
    Link | PDF

  • Slicing Softly with Shear
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 244301 (2012)
    E. Reyssat, T. Tallinen, M. Le Merrer, L. Mahadevan
    Link | PDF
    Viewpoint in Physics by M.K. Chaudhury.
    Press report in Pour la science.

  • Buckling of Viscous Filaments of a Fluid under Compression Stresses
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 064502 (2012)
    M. Le Merrer, D. Quéré, C. Clanet
    Link | PDF

  • Bubble Rearrangement Duration in Foams near the Jamming Point
    Physical Review Letters 108, 188301 (2012)
    M. Le Merrer, S. Cohen-Addad, R. Höhler
    Link | PDF
    Selected as Scientific news of the CNRS Institute of Physics

  • Wave drag on floating bodies
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108, 15064-15068 (2011)
    M. Le Merrer, C. Clanet, D. Quéré, É. Raphaël, F. Chevy
    Link | PDF
    Report on Phys.org

  • Viscous mechanism for Leidenfrost propulsion on a ratchet
    EPL 96, 58001 (2011)
    G. Dupeux, M. Le Merrer, G. Lagubeau, C. Clanet, S. Hardt, D. Quéré
    Link | PDF
    Editor's choice in EPL
    Press report in Le Monde

  • Trapping Leidenfrost Drops with Crenelations
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 114503 (2011)
    G. Dupeux, M. Le Merrer, C. Clanet, D. Quéré
    Link | PDF
    Synopsis in Physics

  • Leidenfrost on a ratchet
    Nature Phys. 7, 395-398 (2011)
    G. Lagubeau*, M. Le Merrer*, C. Clanet, D. Quéré (*Equal contributions)

  • Delayed Freezing on Water Repellent Materials
    Langmuir 25, 7214-7216 (2009)
    P. Tourkine, M. Le Merrer, D. Quéré

  • Shapes of hanging viscous filaments
    EPL 84, 56004 (2008)
    M. Le Merrer, J. Seiwert, D. Quéré, C. Clanet
    Link | PDF


Dissipation at interfaces: Leidenfrost effect, wakes, viscous threads
PMMH, ESPCI & LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique. adv. D. Quéré et C. Clanet


You can find here a detailed CV in French.


You can find more about my work (in French) in this video portrait shot as I got the CNRS Bronze medal in 2020.


Liquids and interfaces group
Institut Lumière Matière (Light and Matter Institute)
University of Lyon 1
Book of abstracts of the Bubble & Drop conference 2017 (I was in the organising committee)
This page have been made after a model by Nicolas Bruot: many thanks to him!