Olivier Pierre-Louis
Directeur de Recherche CNRS, ILM-Lyon, France
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Dewetting of a solid filmNanoscale Mounds from ac driving

Physics of  non-equilibrium  processes at interfaces. Theory and Modeling of  pattern  formation, nonlinear  dynamics, and fluctuations in various physical systems.


Interface Shape Control:
-control of small clustersContrôler les formes à l'échelle du nanomètre | INP
Crystal Growth
-growth in confinement
Figure 2

-atomic step dynamics
KESE instability

Wetting and dewetting
-dewetting of solid filmsedge
-wetting on patterned substrates

Adhesion of membranes
-on patterns

Graphical abstract: Adhesion dynamics of confined membranes

Kinetic Roughening
- marcoscopic fluctuations
cluster size KMC
- interface collisions
interface collision PRE 2018

Combining Electromigration and
                              Facetting PhysRevLett2012

Oscillatory driving

Knots and entanglements

Hydrodynamic fluctuations
Talini experiment

Control through thermal
(Phys. Rev. Lett.)
Contrôler les formes à l'échelle du nanomètre | INP -------------------------------------
Dewetting of stressed
solid films
(Phys. Rev. Lett.)

Sheared Membranes
(Soft Matter Cover)

April 2019:
CECAM workshop on growth and dissolution of Minerals in Lyon

November 2018:

° Apply for interships:

- M2:  Biofilm growth and force generation

-L3/M1: Mining and Harvesting patterns in spatio-temporal Chaos

-L3/M1: Percolation within the Cluster Convexification Model

November 2018:

"Hollow Rims from Water Drop Evaporation on Salt Substrates": our  PRL is on the cover page!

PRL cover

September 2018:
° "Cavity formation in growing crystals" published in Phys Rev Lett

-since 2009-

PhD Students:
B. Marguet (2019-2022)
F. Boccardo  (2018-2022 )

D. Martin Calle (2017- 2022)
L. Gagliardi (2015-2018)
T. Le Goff (2011-2015)
M. Ignacio (2010-2014)

A.K. Tripathi (2015-2017)

Tung B.T. To (2015-2016)
M.  Dufay (2009-2010)

  Internship Students:
Younes Benamara, M2, 2022
Jules Vanaret, M2, 2021
Francesco Boccardo, M2, 2017
D. Martin-Calle, M2, 2016
Shuzhan Ouyang, M2 UCBL 2014
 Anthony Troger, L3 ENSL 2014
T. Melul, M1 UCBL 2012
M. Bessette, L3 UCBL 2013
Q. Ehlinger, L3 ENSL 2012 
T. Le Goff, M2 UCBL 2012
M. Ignacio, M2 UCBL 2011
F. Barakat, M1 UCBL 2011 
R. Delagrange, M1 ENSL 2011 

P. Gaillard, M2 UCBL 2010

Recent Visiting Professors:
Fabio A. Reis, Univ. F.F., Rio, Brésil(2021)
Hiroshi Noguchi, Tokyo, Japan (2018)
Svetlana Gurevich, Münster, Allemagne (2018)

Fabio A. Reis, Univ. F.F., Rio, Brésil(2017-18)
Dio Margetis, Univ. Maryland, USA(2016)
Klaus Kassner, Univ. Magdeb. Allemagne(2015)
Tapio Ala Nissila Aalto Univ. Finlande(2015)
Igancio Pagonabarraga, Univ. Bercelona(2014)
Rodolfo Cuerno, Univ. Carlos III Madrid(2013)
Michel Jabbour Univ. K. USA (2011)

P.aoloPoliti, CNR Florence, Italy (2011)
  Yukio Saito, Kei Univ, Japon(2011-12)
Peter Smereka, UM Ann Harbor, USA (2011)

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