Welcome here ! My name is Sylvain Deville. I am a CNRS research director, at the Institut Lumière Matière in the Liquids and Interfaces team in Lyon, France. My background and training is materials science, mostly in the field of technical porous and dense ceramics. My current research interest right now is focussed on freezing pretty much anything I can get my hands on, and see how it applies to domains beyond materials science. Check out my research page for more details, or my Google Scholar profile for all my papers. I also wrote a book on the topic.

I am also an editor for Materialia.

I previously spent 14 years in a lab associated with an industrial group (Saint-Gobain), we also patented some of our discoveries before publishing them.

Beyond materials science and all other kind of other inspiring research, I am interested in tools and technologies that can facilitate the research process and the life of academics, and will post a few tips and hacks I found useful when I stumble upon them.

You can contact me by email  at sylvain [dot] deville [at] univ-lyon1 [dot] fr

Other pages of interest:

Open positions

I am always looking for talented people to join the group, and am particularly interested in people coming with skills and backgrounds we do not have in the lab yet. Positions openings depend of course on funding opportunities, contact me if you are interested.

Fly less

I’ve decided to fly less a few years ago. Last time I took a flight was in 2019 to visit Denmark. I am fortunate to be in Europe, where we have a dense networks of universities and trains. If a place is more than a day away by train, I am unlikely to get there.

Photography My scientific endeavours have somehow always been driven by their artistic sides (on top of the science, of course), from atomic force microscopy to X-ray tomography and more recently confocal fluorescent microscopy. Trying to achieve the absolute best-looking pictures with your equipment is a good way to push your instruments to their limit, understand and control them better, and thus to get the best possible data ! Plus, you get awesome pics and movies to show in your talks (movies are the best way to capture people’s attention in a talk).

You will thus not be surprised to learn I’m doing photography when I’m not in the lab, mostly chasing birds. You can find some of my pics on Flickr or Instagram.