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Open Data
Perce-Foule is a two-year research project (2017-2018) funded by an Investissement d'Avenir of Labex (ANR-10-LABX-0039-PALM). It investigates the dynamics of intermediate-to-high-density crowds.

Its main goal is to pave the way for a mechanical framework for the dense crowd dynamics, with a physics-based approach combining controlled experiments, modelling, and passive real-life measurements. We will also compare various methods of pedestrian tracking. We are in particular interested in the use of Kinect cameras, which preserve the privacy of the pedestrians.

Open data

Snapshot of a crossing    
The trajectories extracted from our controlled experiments can be downloaded freely by clicking on the link below, downloading the compressed file and decompressing it. An explanatory text file is included.

* Appert-Rolland, Cécile, Pettré, Julien, Olivier, Anne-Hélène, Warren, William, Duigou-Majumdar, Aymeric, Pinsard, Etienne, Nicolas, Alexandre, "Experimental Study of Collective Pedestrian Dynamics", submitted to the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics (2018).

* Nicolas, Alexandre, Kuperman, Marcelo, Iba~nez, Santiago, Bouzat, Sebastian, Appert-Rolland, Cécile, "Mechanical response of dense static crowds to the crossing of intruders", submitted.