Multiple scattering of light by disordered assemblies of particles

Our team at the Institute of Light and Matter (iLM) in Lyon (France) is interested in the theoretical and numerical modelling of light scattering and transport in complex media. We study the interaction of electromagnetic waves with structured matter from the nanoscale (e.g., individual wavelength-scale particles) to the mesoscopic scale (e.g., disordered arrangements of hundreds or thousands of particles), to the macroscopic scale (radiative transfer in complex media).

Our research is developed along mainly three axes: (i) Development of new theoretical and numerical tools to model and understand the optical properties of complex media; (ii) Development of new concepts in optics and photonics; (iii) Application of our expertise to solve industrially-relevant problems (integrated photonics, photovoltaics, thermal management, visual appearance design, ...).

We are an integral part of the Modeling of Condensed Matter and Interfaces (MMCI) team, composed of 20-30 people (permanent researchers, post-docs, PhD students, Master interns), with whom we share modelling techniques and computing facilities, alongside great social time.

Latest news

Publication in Photoniques

4 March 2024

We published a semi-popular article on the impact of disorder on the visual appearance of nanostructured surfaces (in french) in the journal "Photoniques".
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PhD position open

16 January 2024

A PhD position is now open on the "Theoretical and experimental study of anomalous light diffusion in Soulages' stained glass windows". Check the Open Positions page for more information.

Publication in Reviews of Modern Physics

15 November 2023

Our review article on the fascinating topic of correlated disordered media in optics and photonics has now been published in Reviews of Modern Physics.
Published article | Preprint |PDF

Master internship positions open

18 September 2023

We would be happy to welcome Master students for their internship. We have several topics to propose that may be continued with a PhD thesis in fall 2024. Check the Open Positions page for more information.

Book chapter

11 August 2023

The book "Adventures in Contemporary Electromagnetic Theory" (Springer), edited by Tom G. Mackay and Akhlesh Lakhtakia, and to which we contributed with a chapter on the specular reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves by disordered metasurfaces, is out!
Published chapter | Preprint

PhD position open

31 July 2023

A PhD position is now open on the "Electromagnetic modelling and design of complex nanostructures for the customization of secure identity documents". Check the Open Positions page for more information.

ANR project funded

30 June 2023

Our ANR project SLICID "Secured laser printing of color images in identity documents", led by Nathalie Destouches at the Hubert Curien Laboratory (Saint-Etienne, France), is funded! We will soon have a position opening for a PhD student. Stay tuned!

Publication in ACS Nano

28 March 2023

Our experimental and theoretical study on the diffuse iridescence of disordered metasurfaces has been published in ACS Nano.
Published article | Preprint

Multiple Wave Scattering workshop

20 March 2023

The workshop "Theory of wave scattering in complex and random media" at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cambridge, UK), co-organized by Art Gower, Valerie Pinfield, Katy Tant and Kevin Vynck, is starting! The workshop aims to bridge the gaps between mathematicians, physicists and engineers, working on multiple wave scattering theories.
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Nano-Appearance workshop

16 November 2022

The workshop "Visual appearance of nanostructured media", chaired by Kevin Vynck, is starting! The workshop aims to bring together researchers and engineers, both academic and industrial, working around the theme of the appearance of nanostructured media.
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Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp

2 August 2022

The Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp at the Cumberland Lodge (Windsor Great Park, UK), co-organized by Paloma A. Huidobro, Dave Phillips, Giorgio Volpe, and Kevin Vynck, is starting! The Science Camp brings together 60 early-career scientists, but also science writers and editors in an unconventional format – mixing contributed and invited talks, seminars and debates – to present and discuss the latest research and future directions of the field in an open atmosphere and help developing the Complex Nanophotonics community.
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Publication in Nature Materials

19 May 2022

Our work on the predictive rendering on macroscopic disordered metasurfaces and the exotic visual effects they produce has been published in Nature Materials.
Published article | Preprint