Bio Opto Acoustics (BOA)

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Postdoc: funded 2 years position starting beginning of 2022

Master internship: several positions available

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Videos from the lab

Maroun is building TG !
January 2022

Video Director : Fabrice Finotti - -
Voice over : Darren Altman

Journal de France 3
April 2019


Evguenije and Tijana are visiting us from Novi Sad for experiments with Jérémie
New paper in PNAS with colleagues from the biophysics team
January 2022
New paper in PNAS from our colleagues in Norway
January 2022
Our work explained in Le Progrès as part of their series on environemental breakthroughs Our work selected by "Le Journal de Mickey" as one of the 8 inventions that will shape the futur CNRS press release highlights our work
March 2021
New paper in Applied Materials Today
January 2021
New paper in Biomedical Optics Express
July 2020
New paper in Acta Biomaterialia
February 2020
Workshop on Plant Mechanobiology in Lyon
10-11 December 2019
Our work discussed at the national assembly
June 2019
Keynote at Metanano 2019
July 2019
Introduction to feature issue of Biomedical Optics Express on Brillouin imaging
New paper in Journal of Drug Targeting
Invited talk at Phononics 2019
June 2019
Our work on French television
April 2019
Lectures for the BIOPHOTUCA project
April 2019
Lecture at the 23rd School of Pure and Applied Biophysics
February 2019
New paper in Physical Review Letters, selected to be an Editors' suggestion and to appear in Physics
Participation à l'école thématique du CNRS MiFoBio
October 2018
Feature issue in Biomed Opt Exp on Brillouin microscopy
October 2018
Invited talk at the 6th international symposium on laser ultrasonics
July 2018
Seminar at the IPBS
June 2018
CLARA forum on cancer
April 2018
Participation to the ImaBio meeting on Functional imaging of organoids
March 2018
L'équipe figure dans les actualités du cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
January 2018
New paper in Review in Scientific Instruments EMBL course on Brillouin Microscopy
Heidelberg, Germany
17-19 January 2018
New paper in PLOS ONE
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region research contract starts in 2018
December 2017
ANR project POROTUME starts in October
October 2017
Visit of Dedecker's lab in Leuven
October 2017
3rd International Cancer Symposium
25-27 September 2017
1st BioBrillouin Conference in Vienna
13-15 September 2017

New paper in Light: Science & Applications
Lecture on Optoacoustic imaging OPUS2016 Nano-spectroscopy & Bio-Imaging
October 12-13, 2016

Cellular Night Vision


Thomas Dehoux, research scientist at CNRS
From 2009, he worked at the Mechanical Institute for Engineering, in Bordeaux. Since 2015, he works at the Institut Lumière Matière, in the Biophysics team. He uses acoustic and opto-acoustic techniques to study the mechanics and tribology of biological matter.
Maroun Abi Ghanem, research scientist at CNRS
My research focuses on the design of self-assembled and biologically-derived phononic materials. Man-made, dynamically-responsive composites, often referred to as phononic crystals and metamaterials, are well-known for their unique effective properties that provide radical new ways to manipulate the propagation of elastic waves. However, challenges remain with respect to their democratization and fabrication in large quantities at the micro- and nanoscales. Using biological composites to design phononic materials is a potential solution, in the context of nature's capacity for rapidly self-assembling, en masse, complex multi-scale structures.
Alexis Viel, postdoctoral fellow
Tijana Lainović, postdoctoral fellow, visiting from Univ. Novi Sad
Pierre Bouvet, PhD student @ CEA
His work focuses on developing Brillouin microspectroscopy for the extraction of mechanical characteristics of biological samples at microscopic scales. My goal is ultimately to link those mechanical properties to some biologically and/or physiologically relevant characteristics of multicellular assemblies.
Morgane Bougeard, M2 student

Cancer mechanics

Single cell thermography

Cell mechanics & tribology